Past CSCA Highlights

August, 2018

30 Year Futtsu/Carlsbad celebration

CSCA was happy and proud to celebrate its 30 year sister city relationship with Futtsu, Japan.


May, 2018

COAL artists in KV

This was the second time local artists competed to show their art in Karlovy Vary CSCA sponsored local artists' showings of their art in the historic Castle Tower in Karlovy Vary.


May, 2017

2017 Karlovy Vary Tour

CSCA members and friends joined up for a memorable trip to Karlovy Vary and the famous Opening of the Spas. Later in the tour they went to see the World War II commemoritive parade in neighboring Pilsen.



June, 2016

2016 Futtsu Youth Exchange

CSCA sponsored it's first Youth Ambassador Exchange in several years. Six students from Carlsbad high schools were immersed in Japanese culture by means of home-stays, interaction with Futtsu high school students and local attractions.

March, 2015

2015 Futtsu delegation

The delegation from Futtsu enjoys lunch at Ruby's. Other activities included a trip to LEGOland, tour of Carlsbad High School and watching the Carlsbad 5000.

July, 2015

COAL artists selected to exhibit their art in Karlovy Vary

Six COAL member artists selected in February by CSCA opened an exhibition of their art this week in Karlovy Vary. The honored artists, clockwise from top left: Charles Dozer, Lois Athearn, Ellie Havel Thomas, Sibylla Voll, David Schlegel, and Rita Shulak each had five works of art on exhibit displayed their art in Karlovy Vary are, The opening reception in the Municipal Gallery was on July 29, according to Jacquie Thye, Founding member and Director of Carlsbad Sister City Ambassadors, who coordinated this event. The exhibition of the Carlsbad artists will ran through the month of August in Karlovy Vary’s Thermal Building.

February, 2014

Around The World In 80 DaysAnother successful musical farce, Around the World, the Musical, was staged in Carlsbad Dove Library’s Schulman Auditorium with the help of local a cappella group Singchronicity. It was written & produced by erstwhile CSCA director Joanne Brouk.


April, 2014

CSCA paid tribute to the 25th year of its relationship with Futtsu, Japan by planting cherry trees at the Carlsbad City Hall and the La Costa Heights Elementary School in April. One of its directors, Vesta Rundle-Ross, was instrumental in getting the Arbor Day Plaquetrees from the Japanese Friendship Gardens in San Diego. Three of the trees were planted on the City Hall property as part of Carlsbad's Arbor Day at 11:00 a.m., April 26, 2014.  Also a plaque was installed at the site stating that the trees honor our Sister City relationship with Futtsu. Longtime friend and resident of Futtsu Tomiko Takenouchi and Daiji Mizota, Director, Futtsu International Relationship Cherry Tree plantingAssociation, traveled from Futtsu to attend. A fourth tree was planted in a separate ceremony at La Costa Heights Elementary School. This was the school that was visited by the Futtsu delegation to acknowledge their collection of funds to help in the recovery from the tsunami damages of 2011.

December, 2014

A "Winter Holiday Party" was held at the Green Dragon Tavern in Carlsbad. A well attended soirée that introduced members of the CSCA Junior Ambassadors and discussed their plans for the next year. Also featured was Polly Yu of Asia Getaway Inc., a generous benefactor of CSCA.

2014 Winter Holiday Party



March, 2013

Futtsu Delegation 2013 Pictured above are college student Yuuya Matasuda, CSCA director Jennifer Abeyta, high school students Yuuya Iwasawa and Kana Morita, CSCA director Kim Miller, high school student Uhyonan An, elementary school teacher Kiyoe Hasegawa, president of FIRA Mrs. Tomiko Takenouchi and her husband Shigeru Takenouchi. The delegation arrived shortly after the departure of the Karlovy Vary delegation and toured Balboa Park visited La Costa Heights Elementary school. Also, a memorable reception celebrated the 25th anniversary of Carlsbad and Futtsu as sister cities.

April, 2013

KV Mayor
CSCA hosted a delegation from our sister city Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. The delegation consisted of Lord Mayor Petr Kulhánek,
Deputy Petr Bursík and Deputy Jirí Klsák.

March, 2012Who Put the Bad in Carlsbad

A very successful comedic fund-raiser, Who Put The Bad In Carlsbad, was staged in Carlsbad Dove Library’s Schulman Auditorium. It was written & produced by erstwhile CSCA director Joanne Brouk.

December, 2012

Christmas A CappellaCSCA staged Christmas Around The World featuring six a cappella groups from around the San Diego area. The winner, as voted by the audience, was Royce's Voices.



Royce's Voices
Royce's Voices are pictured above.



March, 2011

2011 Futtsu Delegation
Very shortly after the devastating earthquake in Japan on March 11, CSCA was pleased to welcome a delegation from sister city Futtsu, Japan on March 23. The delegation was headed by Takeyosi Wakanabe along with students Minami Sakita, Kaoru Tada, Mika Takahashi, and Mayako Chiba. Carlsbad Flower Fields, Balboa Park and Legoland were among some of the highlights of their visit.



July, 2010

NC Times article
Founding directors of Carlsbad Sister City Ambassadors, consisting of President Jacquie Thye, Vice Presidents Harriet Norris and Edna Gibson, Secretary Tom Hersant, and Treasurer Kim Miller, announced the formation of the non profit corporation to continue Carlsbad’s 20-year sister city relationships with Futtsu, Japan and Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.



December, 2009

Lord Mayor Hauptman
CSCA hosted a delegation from Karlovy Vary attended by:
Lord Mayor Werner Hauptman,
Ms. Iva Hauptmannova, Sales Dept./Hotel Thermal,
Mrs. Dagmar Laubova, Deputy


March, 2009

2009 Futtsu Delegation
CSCA hosted a delegation from Futtsu attended by:
Mr. Tsuneyasu Ono, Chairman, Futtsu Int’l Relations Assn.
Mr. Takeyoshi Wakanabe, Member, Futtsu Int’l Relations Assn.
Mrs. Tomiko Takenouchi, Vice-Chair for Exchanges, Futtsu Int’l Relations Assn.
With accompanying students Ms. Mika Nagashima, Ms. Mika Koshiba, and Ms. Kiko Yasuda. Among other activities, the delegation visited the Swami’s Meditation Garden and Rudvalis Orchid Nursery. Their visit was wrapped up with a Hoedown and BBQ at the Leo Carillo Ranch.

CSCA History


The Sister Cities concept was initiated in 1956 by President Dwight Eisenhower to promote cultural and commercial ties. In 1967 it became the Sister Cities International (SCI) organization, a nonprofit citizen diplomacy network for partnerships with international communities. SCI leads the movement for local community and volunteer action by motivating and empowering private citizens, municipal officials and business leaders to promote peace one individual and community at a time.


In 1988 the Carlsbad City Council recognized the cultural, educational and economic benefits of Sister City relationships when it established the Sister City Program under city ordinance. Its mission was to create active and meaningful connections between Carlsbad and its citizens and comparable yet internationally dispersed communities. These connections were intended to promote peace, cultural awareness and economic opportunities through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation.


Consistent with the trend for cities to turn their Sister City program administration over to nonprofit corporations, in 2009 the City of Carlsbad requested it's then Sister City Committee to create a new nonprofit corporation. This was accomplished later that year and in April 2010 the Internal Revenue Service approved the newly created Carlsbad Sister City Ambassadors (CSCA) as a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) corporation. CSCA is now working to expand participation to include more residents and businesses. Founding directors include Tom Hersant (Chair), Harriet Norris and Edna Gibson (Vice Presidents) Jacquie Thye (Secretary) and Kim Miller (Treasurer). All have been actively involved internationally. CSCA has maintained affiliation with Sister Cities International and its 88 Sister Cities in Southern California.


Futtsu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan shares a coastal similarity with Carlsbad. Located on Tokyo Bay, water sports and aqua farming can be found in this charming and tranquil city along with attractions such as the Mother Farm, Community Sports and Culture Park, and the rare Golden Monkeys’ Preserve. A Futtsu businessman wished to establish business and community relations with an American city comparable in size, location, agricultural roots and community friendliness. Visiting delegations approached the Carlsbad City Council, which approved the relationship in 1988 and formed a volunteer Citizens’ Council to coordinate the program.

In 1370 Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV recognized the city of Bohemian city of Karlsbad (now Karlovy Vary) currently situated in the northwestern portion of the Czech Republic near the German border. Legend testifies to his appreciation for the curative powers of its many hot mineral springs. It became a famous healing center for European aristocrats and maintains its fame as a spa city to this day. The water in Carlsbad, California was found to have remarkably similar mineral properties to Karlovy Vary and in honor of this connection our city was named Carlsbad. Frazier's well, a state historical site at Alt Carlsbad, features a statue of Frazier sculpted by former Karlovy Vary Mayor Vaclav Lokvenc. Karlovy Vary retains its forested and mountainous grandeur, old-world elegance and china, gem and glass industries. We established the Sister City relationship with our namesake city in 1991.

Home-stay exchanges, student and group travel opportunities, arts and culture, sports and business seminars allow Carlsbad, Futtsu and Karlovy Vary to learn about and benefit from each other. Hundreds of people from all three cities have now discovered how enriching it is to be part of an international family.


Japan-In-A-Suitcase is a program featuring items about Futtsu and Japan, It is presented to scouts, students and Boys & Girls Clubs. CSCA is developing Carlsbad-In-A-Suitcase programs to send to Futtsu and Karlovy Vary for similar cultural exposure in their countries. Periodically Carlsbad families host semi-annual home-stays with students from Futtsu. We too have sent several students to Futtsu over the years. A delegation of Carlsbad Girl Scouts will visit Karlovy Vary during the summer of 2011 to commemorate the 20-Year Anniversary of the Sister City relationship. The Carlsbad/Karlovy Vary International Photo Exhibitions in 2008 had high schools from both cities participating in "A Day in the Life of Carlsbad/Karlovy Vary" themed shows. Joint exhibitions were held in Karlovy Vary during the 650th celebration of its founding. The then Carlsbad Sister City Committee was invited by the Lord Mayor of Karlovy Vary to visit their annual opening of the spa season and they presented the city of a painting of our Flower Fields. Many other events over the years have fostered the close relationships between these cities and frequently they include connections with the Alt Carlsbad site of Frazier's well and the current Czech owners and re-builders, Ludvik and Veronica Grigoras. CSCA is planning new exchanges and trips to our current sister cities and welcomes our area's dynamic internationally interested citizens to share in the cultural highlights here and abroad.